Art versus Ileana

 I spent most of my 2020 working on the third Fisksoppa chapter – the adventures of our brave explorers in the vast cheese wastelands. It went online on the 29 of June, but I like to have a solid buffer of completed pages before we actually start posting them on the site. “I like” as in “I prefer”, “I wish” or “I dream” – because in reality, by the end of September that buffer was running thinner than stretched mozzarella, and I was drawing my fingers off each Sunday and Wednesday. Maria helped a lot with the coloring, and we stayed on schedule.

It was a bit weird drawing winter-themed adventures in the middle of the summer – even if the snow was Parmesan, but also a lot of fun. And while I enjoyed the crunchy frozen goods glacier and the cheese monster enormously, for me the highlight of the chapter was the introductions of the twins – Oto and Karla. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to draw these two! And just like I hoped, it was an absolute joy to work with them!

And at the end of October I tossed the proverbial hot potato to Maria – it was her turn to storyboard and draw the next chapter!

What were your favourite moments of Chapter three? Was there a particular thing you wanted to taste, when you saw it in the web comic?

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