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Chapter 5 - Intermezzo

We’re taking a short break from the regular posts, but meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve been all wondering what happened to Azorel the samovar? Here is the answer.

23 Sep 2021

Chapter 5 warm up

After a bit of delay, I’ve started working on the fifth Chapter! While I’m drawing the storyboard, I’m also sketching out some characters and world-building ideas. These...

19 Jul 2021

Kickstarter - The Lost Sunday

The Project is now… DUN DUN DUN…. ALIVE! Nina lives in a dusty town, haunted by the six angry wolves of the week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

11 May 2021

Awards #3

So now it was Ileana’s turn to hope that her Chapter three would also receive international recognition. But nothing could have prepared her for what followed next. Right...

10 Jan 2021

Awards #2

After the end of Chapter 2, we waited for several months full of hope but still, no shiny new prize for us. We were feeling a bit...

08 Jan 2021

Awards #1

This week we have reached a significant milestone – 100 webcomic pages! People ask: ”How do you stay motivated?”. Why, it’s because of all the awards...

06 Jan 2021

Art versus Maria

Meet the other Fisksoppa Artist. She’s been using this webcomic opportunity to learn how to draw comics, and so far, it’s been going not-bad-at-all. Maria spent the first...

02 Jan 2021

Art versus Ileana

 I spent most of my 2020 working on the third Fisksoppa chapter – the adventures of our brave explorers in the vast cheese wastelands. It went online...

01 Jan 2021

Cozonac Hunting

The 2020 Christmas extra now lives here 🙂 Would you look at it, it’s the 24th of December! So stop, hunt down a Cozonac, grab one, two, three...

28 Dec 2020

Autumn Narrathon 2020

-like a marathon, but with more drawings- What is the secret ingredient of a good story? Nobody can say for sure, but here are some of Ileana’s...

15 Sep 2020