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Some sort of prologue

The characters and the story started as a game, a long time ago. But we only thought about turning them into a webcomic in 2015, when we...

01 Nov 2019

Cover in progress

This is the cover for the fist chapter, drawn by Ileana, with lettering by Maria. It was available as a postcard at Transylvania Comic Con 2019.

01 Nov 2019

Inking and coloring

For chapter one, Ileana is in charge of drawing and inking, while Maria helps with the coloring. At first, a few quick sketches serve as a storyboard, then Ileana...

05 Nov 2019

Characters and backgrounds in action!

Backgrounds for comics

We read comics and often we don’t even see the backdrop. I know I was guilty of this. Then I had to draw them for the mighty Fisksoppa...

01 Jan 2020

How it all started

The wall tiles were white, the floor tiles were mustard-green and we were making toothpaste-soup for Captain Blade. The cartoons started at seven thirty, dinner was at eight,...

27 Mar 2020

Cum a început totul

Faința era albă, gresia era de culoarea muștarului, iar noi două găteam supă de pastă de dinți pentru Căpitanul Bleid. Desenele animate începeau la șapte treizeci, la...

27 Mar 2020