Kickstarter – The Lost Sunday

The Project is now… DUN DUN DUN…. ALIVE!

Nina lives in a dusty town, haunted by the six angry wolves of the week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day brings never-ending chores, and no one can rest until they are done. Legend speaks of a seventh, kinder wolf, but everybody knows an evil witch stole it and keeps it locked away.

Written and drawn by Ileana, and published by Pronoia, The Lost Sunday is a comic book about working too much, told through stories and inspiration from old folklore, myths and tales. Featuring 56 colored pages in A4 format protected by a deluxe hardcover, it’s a great story for both children and adults.

The book is ready to go to print – we just need your support to make it real! So join our Kickstarter and discover the wonderful rewards we have in store for you!

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