Some sort of prologue

The characters and the story started as a game, a long time ago. But we only thought about turning them into a webcomic in 2015, when we stumbled across the perfect title while attending the Stockholm International Comics Festival . These work-in-progress pages were the first snippet we drew, and they fall into the story somewhere in chapter… two-ish.

On a foggy sea, an old pirate (Kronț) is lowered to taste the waters with a laddle.
Zombie shark attack. Kronț, Muscă, Blaff, Lili and Mastara rush to get their weapons.
They succeed in fighting off the zombie sharks.
They try to fix the hull with caramels, leaving Lili at the helm. A popcorn falls from the sky and she gets distracted.
The characters realize they are lost at sea, at the mercy of a popcorn hurricane.
The characters lament about their quest to find the cozonac cake monster. The storm breaks their ship, leaving them stranded on a raft.
The storm clears away.
The lovely cozonac cake turns out to be a horrible monster, lurking under water.
The brave explorers get swallowed by the cozonac monster.
Sisters Maria and Ileana get the idea for their title at a dinner in Sweden.

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