Character Design – The Cartographers

Ah, those guys! We spent a lot of time trying to decide what their deal was.

Without antagonists, what’s the point of heroes? We knew they existed, and we knew Lili didn’t like them one bit, and we knew they had a leader named Melk. But what were they exactly?

They spent a brief times being dandies, then some times being conservatives (as in, those people who try to conserve food, cause our pun game is strong).

And then we decided that their penchant for order and discipline is best employed in the field of cartography – cause what is a pirate-story without some good quality maps?

Their costumes take inspiration from fisherman’s grabs, Finnish (especially Lapland) folk dress with some light sailor and Ottoman touches. We haven’t yet decided if this applies to all members of the Cartographic Guild, or just those who hang out with Melk. You’ll have to wait and see!

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