Inking and coloring

For chapter one, Ileana is in charge of drawing and inking, while Maria helps with the coloring.

At first, a few quick sketches serve as a storyboard, then Ileana makes some corrections and prepares the sketch for inking.

And now, the Ink! This is the second take, as Ileana is still looking for the right feel and the right digital brush. She goes with a rough style and strong shadows. It’s all done on a graphics display-style tablet, my friends. And finally, she adds other shadows with a different, lighter brush. And some splatter effect, just for fun!

Now it’s Maria’s turn to work on the page. At first, she does the flats, with random colors. Then, she starts searching for the right color scheme that would best convey the general feeling of the scene. Ileana makes sure to tell her if she likes it or not, thus being very helpful :).

Should the sky be blueish or yellowish? Is this too saturated? Are all the values OK? Changing, tweaking, reconsidering… And at last, the colors are good! Now it’s time to add the speech bubbles and outlines for all the cases. That’s it folks, first page is ready!

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